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Strategic Focused Marketing In Miami-Dade County we showcase your business every three months through 60,000 publications. By implementing a proven balance of targeted Direct Mail, Online Marketing, and Social Media, we reach potential business owners andmanagers looking for your services. The distribution is made up of high density and high income business districts with a high ratio of established Companies. A very high percentage of businesses with more than 10 employees and a net revenue of over $3 Million. In addition, we have a supplemental mail list to include large scale Property Managers and Contractors. The area is filled with start-up businesses looking to set roots in this area. In contrast, established business owners are buying or renting office and warehouse space in high numbers. There is a large focus on modernization and a high percentage of owners are applying profits to improving their workplace. A large growth area! Targeting Areas with High Business Density in Miami-Dade Zone Information DADE What is included with your ad: 60,000 Direct Mailed Magazine to businesses in Miami- Dade County. 1 FREE graphic design and online marketing through our Directory, eMagazine subscriptions, and coupon exposure through 2 FREE Social Media branding and search engine optimization of your industry on a weekly basis. 3 B USINES S R E S O U R C E G U I D E S